This week has left me a little scatter-brained.  This has caused my thoughts to become doubly so.  So as not to short change my one reader–

Crap, that’s right.  He’s on holiday this week.

No matter!  I will still provide content this week in the form of random anecdotes that have crossed my telepod-reassembled bit of skull cake.  Then, I will actually go have some cake.  And maybe eat it, too.

And now I’m rambling.  You were warned:

1.  We need to put synthesizers back into rock music.  Being a child of the eighties, most of my favourite tunes include some crazy synthesizer.  I’m starting to see the sound creep back into modern music more, but it isn’t enough.  Pour it on!

2.  To the person responsible for the 2:30 AM phone call that woke me up from a less-than-sound sleep early Monday morning to let me know that I could find out what I had won if I just pressed the pound key – the only prize worth waking me up at that un-godly hour would have been if pressing pound would have literally done just that to your face due to a direct connection between the phone key and your loathsome visage.  And thanks for ruining my fond memories of Speak & Spell.

3.  One of my favourite things to collect is action figures.  Been a fan ever since the original Star Wars figs from the seventies and eighties.  One of the best sites out there for figs is Matty Collector.  An action figure site by Mattel for the grown-up collector, Matty Collector has some of the best figures from some of the best franchises available.  My two favourite runs are the He-Man and Ghostbusters figures.  Great detail on both, the GB figs are based off the movie and feature the likenesses of the original actors.  The He-Man figs are done by the company Four Horsemen and are updated versions of the original figures from the eighties, sporting some incredible detail.

4.  This week Think Geek posted a twelve page cease-and-desist letter from the National Pork Board.  Not even over a real product either.  This past April, when the site did its annual April Fool’s sales page, one of the “products” being offered was canned unicorn meat, jokingly referred to as “the new white meat”.  Well, the Pork Board got their panties in a bunch and sent off the long missive without even realizing that the product was fake.  I guess a late April Fool prank is better than none.  You can read about the whole thing here.

5.  The password is… nipple.

6.  I’ve been rewatching the entire Farscape series after purchasing the DVD boxed set extra cheap off of Amazon.  I still say this show is one of the best sci-fi programs of the last ten years.  Of course, there is the occasional less-than-great episode (but most shows suffer that same problem), but as a whole I think the series holds up rather well.  Great character development with brilliant performances by the cast, and some inventive and colourful story arcs that remind me a lot of some of the better episodes of the original Star Trek.

7.  Ever since the season finale of Community aired back in May (great show, by the way), I keep thinking of that giant cookie that Troy was slowly nibbling at throughout the episode.  And I want one.

8.  Whatever happened to Jamie Farr?  That guy was everywhere in the seventies and eighties.  Once M*A*S*H had become a huge hit, you couldn’t turn the dial without seeing that schnozz on your screen.  He was featured in both Cannonball Run movies, and had become so popular that he could pretty much whored himself out to any gameshow that wanted to feature him.  The last time I remember seeing him was when he played himself playing Jacob Marley in Scrooged.  But since then?  Nothing.

Oh.  After looking it up, he’s apparently on the radio now doing a travel show.  Well that was anti-climactic. 

Just like this week’s blog.