According to Variety, the latest film subject to the machinations of Hollywood is the 1984 film Firestarter, which is itself based off of the novel by Stephen King. The original film told the tale of a young girl played by little Drew Barrymore who could, you guessed it…start fires with her thoughts. Universal and Dino De Laurentiis’s company seek to turn the one-off novel-turned-film into a franchise. Hopefully, this means fires will be started, then put back out, then started again, and so on and so forth until they reboot it again.

“We see this as a unique, character-driven thriller with a supernatural edge, based on a timeless concept and enhanced by recent visual effects advances,” Martha De Laurentiis said about the remake. Additionally, the article claims that while the film will no doubt retain some fidelity to its source material, the producers are seeking to reinvent the character “with a little edge.”

Variety also continues to say that scribe Mark L. Smith, the writer behind 2007’s Luke Wilson starring vehicle Vacancy, is already hard at work on the script, with a production slated to begin next year. No director is attached yet.

Personally, I hadn’t really registered knowledge of the property outside of the Sci-Fi original movie Firestarter 2: Rekindled (which is brought up in the article), nor would the prospect of an edgy re-imagining on a film that stars a pre-pubescent little girl. Surely this is the product of the Twilight franchise, so we can look forward to a girl that can start sparkly fires with her lusty passions. Her lusty, oh so seductive passions.

On second thought, I’m looking forward to this movie.