I cannot tell a lie. I’ve never seen a single one of The Fast and the Furious movies.

I might have seen part of one.  I remember Paul Walker and Vin Diesel driving around, and looking a little lustily at each other. But I may also be confused with The Fast and the Bi-Curious SNL short.

Despite my shaky position, I can honestly say Fast Five will probably  be a pretty awesome installment.  The fact that it’s expanded to this international world of intrigue and Dwayne Johnson is impressive enough. I remember when it was just a slick little Donnie Brasco story centered around NOS, truck hijacks, and street racing.  Now it’s global!

I hope the next one takes place in Moscow. Just because. 

Enjoy the trailer. And maybe I’ll pull some crazy Fast and the Furious marathon just so I can hold my head up on the Internet.