Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch doesn’t hit theaters until March 25, 2011. But with every big summer movie throwing up its trailer in recent weeks, it’s practically fallen behind the marketing curve.

But pay no attention to the drunk known as Jack Sparrow. Sucker Punch comes out first, and they’ve got a featurette out to remind you.  Hey, March 25 guys! That’s closer than Pirates or Thor or Cowboys and Aliens … damn, 2011 is going to be hard on the old wallet.

The story of Sucker Punch is still a little obtuse, though the cast does a far better job describing it here than they did at ComicCon. What’s kind a little curious is that it seems to undermine the last trailer (which strongly implied the fantasy world was real — which it obviously can’t be) by repeatedly stressing that all the craziness is merely a mental escape.  Again, that seems obvious given the imagery. But the conceit of the movie is definitely a curious one. Asking me to care whether Baby Doll defeats a robot or a troll when I know it’s not real might be a little problematic.  Still, I’m dying to know if they can pull whatever this is off.

At the very least, you can enjoy the really awkward moment when Scott Glenn punches the air. Or just enjoy looking the girls. Or Jon Hamm. Or the CGI. Whatever your heart desires is in this clip.