STUDIO: Comedy Central
MSRP: $26.98
RUNNING TIME: 132 minutes
•  The Cast and Creators at 2007’s Comic Con
•  Digital Shorts
•  Behind The Scenes
•  Audio Commentary

The Pitch

“Last season, we pissed off the homeless, lesbians, homeland security, and the entire Christian religion. Here’s $3 million more. Go nuts.”

The Nutshell

That lovable scamp Sarah Silverman is at it again, taking her on yet more wacky misadventures, from her next door neighbors apartment to the heart of Mexico. Also, God fucks her again.

Unfortunately, Sarah’s pleas to baptize poor Doug as a living, sentient creature of this Earth would fall on deaf ears. However, the priest’s claim that the dog would birth the Antichrist would make its way to the Vatican. Their priorities were quite clear after that.

The Lowdown

You know the main problem with the Sarah Silverman Program? No, smartasses, it’s not the fact that Sarah Silverman’s in it. It’s actually the fact that Brian Posehn and Steve Agee are.

And I don’t mean that in a bad way. The problem is that those two need their own show.

The second season of The Sarah Silverman Program doesn’t change up the formula from season one whatsoever. Sarah, in that inimitable happy sheltered girl way, flitters through life with sweetness and joy for all God’s creatures whether you’re a heathen baby killer, an ungrateful African American, or whether you have licked your dog’s ass just to find out what’s so goddamn special down there. And that’s perfectly fine. It’s a formula that works, and Silverman plays it all so blissfully guileless. But by this season, the story of next door gay couple Steve and Brian becomes so ripe, the chemistry between these two so perfect, that I found myself waiting entire episodes just to get to “the real show”.

While going for the upskirt, Brian should’ve been surprised to find out his date’s vagina looked like Steve Agee. Lucky for her, that’s just the kind of thing that revs his motor.

Where Silverman’s shtick pretty much relies on the comedienne’s ability to push the uncomfortable to a breaking point, and sister Laura and Jay Johnston’s shtick relies on being time filler, Posehn and Agee have a whole other “normal” sitcom going on for them, and it’s one that actually ends up being stronger than what’s happening with Sarah in any given episode. The relationship never devolves into easy, worn out token gay couple territory. It’s neither The Odd Couple warmed over, nor does it go for the easy ass sex jokes. It is simply two normal guys in a familial, close relationship where ass sex just so happens to take place. They simply click well enough to go gay for each other, which ironically comes off as one of the more realistic depictions of a gay relationship on TV.

And yet this does not preclude the two of them being fucking hilarious. The best story on this set in particular involves Steve sneaking a peek at Brian’s iPod and instead of Brian’s trademark metal, finding only hundreds of copies of The Spin Doctors’ Two Princes. It’s a side story to a hilarious episode involving Sarah’s maid being deported back to Mexico, where she’s actually a high ranking elected official, but it’s the one I remember most, and not just for the 10 seconds Brian managed to slip Lamb of God’s Requiem in there.

Another in a long string of creativeand financial  mishaps, Miramax would pick the wrong place, person, time, venue, and method to announce a Dead Presidents sequel.

Even though they’re not the centerpiece, they manage to pick up a lot of the show’s slack, buoying episodes that would wear out their welcome otherwise, and sometimes that doesn’t even stop it (the episode about Jay’s “safe comedy” is just awkward, and not just in the way intended, and the episode with Sarah taking God as a prom date just can’t maintain the early momentum). Regardless, Silverman’s still at the forefront, and chances are, if you’ve seen her do comedy before, and didn’t immediately go rent Way Of The Gun to live vicariously over and over and over again, her show’s right up your alley, guaranteed.

7.5 out of 10

Unbeknownst to most viewers who switch the tape off after receiving the phone call, what Samara loved even more than her long flowing hair and draining vital fluids, was guys in drag.

The Bonuses

There’s commentary on select episodes, and I’d like to think they just caught everybody on an off day, but they’re incredibly lifeless. The rest of the bonuses are on the second disc. The two bonuses that are worthwhile almost make up for the whole thing, though. The first is a Q&A with the cast and crew from Comic Con, moderated by Zach Galifianakis. As off as everyone is in the commentaries, they’re most definitely on here. The second is a digital short with Steve and Brian on an adventure to destroy the T-Rex living in their basement. It’s short, but still incredibly funny. The rest? The Cookie Party shorts are weak (not to mention Mini Coffee still kinda freaks me out for reasons I’m not quite sure of), the behind the scenes stuff that’s not The Silverman Report is okay, but nothing mindblowing, and the Brian’s New Office short is just entirely unfunny. Basically, the intentional awkwardness that Sarah can do so well carries over to the bonuses, and it doesn’t work this diluted.

5.0 out of 10

6.0 out of 10