We really dug The A-Team here at CHUD. It’s a fun romp of a movie that really enjoys being a carefree time with zero angst to be seen. It’s also proof that Joe Carnahan has only started to inflict his special brand of energy on audiences.

And who doesn’t love Sharlto?

We have a few of the DVD’s to give away to lucky CHUD.com readers the world over and all you have to do is be the best things in the world and you will be awarded a reward! OK, what you actually have to do is use the “Click to Enter” link below and enter having answered all of the questions correctly and having included your mailing address. Please do not use the talkbacks to enter the contest as it gives too much of your personal information to the public and it violates the rules of the contest I just gave to you.

And now the questions:

1. If Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Rampage Jackson, and Sharlto Copley are the A-Team, who would you populate a B-Team with?

2. Have you subscribed to CHUD’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Newsletter yet? Please do if you haven’t and don’t just answer yes and assume we won’t check. We need you!

3. We are trying to think of fun ways to promote CHUD and the new site through viral and traditional means that DON’T COST. What do you recommend? We need to grow up!

4. What movie are you excited about seeing than anything else?

5. Who surprised you most in The A-Team?