After months of teases, hints, ComicCon glee and one unfortunate trailer leak, we finally have our first look at Thor. The official trailer debuted at Yahoo! Movies tonight, and it really holds nothing back.

I’m not a big fan of Thor.  I think he’s a goofy idea no matter how he’s written (and I’ve seen him written pretty damn well), and I mocked the idea of a movie for a long time. Then Marvel brought Kenneth Branagh on board — a master of bombastic storytelling — and he brought on an impressive cast … and I was sold.  Or intrigued, anyway.

I think this is one of those trailers that is going to define the film.  People are going to make snap judgments on it for good or ill.  Whatever Marvel releases — photos, additional trailers, etc. — will only strengthen the opinion you’ve got after viewing this.

Me? I like it. I could quibble about Chris Hemsworth’s accent, but the sweep of this looks as operatic and weird as Thor should.  It doesn’t even pretend to be gritty or real.  It’s pure fantasy, and I’m liking it a lot.  Do you?