EA’s Dead Space blended a spooky atmosphere with creative survival combat in novel and exciting ways. The game’s success was a result of masterful sound and art design, as well as its setting – the massive and desolate mining ship Ishimura.

The upcoming sequel moves the action to the Sprawl, a densely populated space station, and outfits protagonist Issac Clark with heavy weaponry like the new Javelin gun. Videos so far have put an emphasis on combat, which has survival horror fans concerned. Will Dead Space 2 neuter atmosphere and tension in favor of a heftier kill count?

EA has been quick to dismiss these concerns, with CEO John Riccitiello calling it “Scarier” than the original. Here’s some good news for the doubtful: by month’s end, all of us non-CEOs will have a chance to take Dead Space 2 for a spin and make our own assessment. Arriving on the XBL Marketplace and Playstation network on December 21st and 22nd respectively, the Dead Space 2 demo will showcase the Church of Unitology headquarters on the Sprawl, and will give players a chance to test out some of Clarke’s new weapons and gadgets.

Dead Space 2 hits stores five weeks later on January 25th.

Source: Eurogamer