Dead Rising: Case Zero
was a gamble for Capcom. Rather than pump out a demo of the game they decided to release this preview episode that let you carry over skills and levels into the full game of Dead Rising 2, and people picked it up by the millions. In fact, the game is so successful that I prefer it to the retail title- the somewhat broken save and time mechanics of Dead Rising working better in a short format.

Which is why it’s so exciting that Dead Rising: Case West is hitting the end of December. In it, original series hero Frank West returns, and brings his camera with him.

Photography was noticeably absent from Dead Rising 2 but shutterbugs will have all kinds of horrific situations to shoot now, especially since Frank is investigating just what started the zombie apocalypse in the first place. Along the way they’ll face new challenges and more importantly, new combo weapons!

Capcom sent over these new screens to show off our two heroes working together. The official synopsis:

Continuing the undead saga this December, Capcom will launch Dead
Rising 2: Case West, an epilogue chapter that features the return of
Dead Rising protagonist Frank West as an exclusive downloadable chapter
for Xbox 360.  Dead Rising 2: Case West delivers brand new and unique
content as Chuck Greene and Frank West enter the sinister Phenotrans
facility to uncover the pharmaceutical company’s involvement in the
Fortune City outbreak.

There’s no set release date just yet but expect it to hit in the next few weeks!