Rockstar Games has just released these four new screens from L.A. Noire, their upcoming crime saga.

Something we didn’t know when the trailer was released was how much of an adventure game this will be. You’ll be playing the role of detective and the focus will be on investigating various crimes, but this ain’t passive. That means you’ll be canvassing crime scenes, collecting evidence, and interrogating suspects. While of course there will be the requisite car chases and shootouts that you’ve come to expect from a Rockstar production this will be a much slower and more methodical game, perhaps the first modern point and click adventure game.

I for one can’t wait.

Another big point will be their inclusion of MotionScan technology, which records actor’s performances and recreates them digitally. Sure, it may sound like mocap, but this technology uses a total of 32 HD cameras to capture every nuance of the actor’s face. Rockstar’s quite quick to point out that only 4 cameras were used to create Jeff Bridges’ face in Tron Legacy, and that this tech allows actors to move with less restrictions.

More realistic faces makes for more realistic characters and emotions,
and a game where you’ll actually have to look people in the eyes and try
to determine if they’re lying to you.

L.A. Noire hits next Spring. Expect much more about the game right here!