AMC is reporting that the finale for The Walking Dead (Episode 6, TS-19) has broken
the viewership records that the show has already demolished, bringing in an absolute
ton of viewers.

It took in over six million viewers for its 10pm airing, quite handily making it the most-watched episode of this short season and solidifying the show as the most-viewed drama series in basic cable history. Along with the 11pm and 1am repeat showings a total of 8.1 million viewers watched what happened to Rick and crew.

It’s a couple million more people than saw the first (and still best) episode of the series. Shame that it happened on what’s probably the weakest episode of the season though, amiright?

For those waiting impatiently for the next adventures for our motley group, AMC has posted a bunch of goodies on their site, including this behind the scenes video. Expect the dvd and blu-ray sets to hit on March 8th.