“Elysium” is defined as a state of paradise above the dead, it is the name of a region on Mars, and it is the “abode of the blessed” in classic mythology. It will also be Neil Blomkamp’s next film, which will once again feature Sharlto Copley, the producer-turned-actor that impressed many out of nowhere in District 9. While Copley has ridden the wave of goodwill from District 9 to a nice bankable, potentially franchised role in The A-Team, Blomkamp has been assembling his follow up to his breakout Halo-replacement film. And while there was hope and even a distinct chance that his next would be District 10 or District 8, it seems another sci-fi idea has commanded his focus.

Elysium is the name of the project Blomkamp is pitching to eager-eared studios currently, and it is apparently another that “is filled with many sociopolitical ideas wrapped up inside a Hollywood action film,” according to Deadline. Universal will be funding the movie, with a distributor yet to be chosen (from a field of willing companies, no doubt). All signs point to Blomkamp replicating as much of the outside-the-industry approach of District 9 as possible.

Last week, I spoke with Copley in regard to the impending A-Team DVD release, and we spoke a good bit about the differences between a production like A-Team and a production like District 9. The actor described the artistically fulfilling, but grueling pressure put on him by being the center of the latter film, and I hope he’s ready to for that again. That is, if he is in the central role and not sharing the spotlight. Without plot details, much less more casting info, it’s impossible to say how much Copley we’ll be getting from Elysium.