Robert Downey Jr. seems to want to keep his impossibly-packed schedule filled with a diverse batch of projects, so now on top of his definite superhero and detective sequels, and possible journey to Oz, he’s adding a musical comedy project. If you don’t want to pull out those Ally McBeal DVDs or haven’t caught the new Wes Andersonish Mr. Peanut commercials….

…then you might not remember how well the bastard can sing, but he can, so cross your fingers the musical wedges its way into his schedule.

The writers behind the project, Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey, are a Tony-Award winning partnership with the pair having been involved in a ton of major Broadway projects, and collaborated together on Next To Normal- their big award-winning “rock opera”. Kitt has also arranged and directed music for the musical adaptations of Debbie Does Dallas and Bring It On. The pair have developed a new musical planned for the screen, tailored for Robert Downey Jr. to star, while his production company Team Downey (started with his wife Susan) will produce. There is no title, though the plot concerns two broadway musicians (write what you know, I suppose) who return to their childhood theater camp for inspiration after their first big show flops.

There’s no word on when this might be happening, but Downey has some of the biggest movies in Hollywood filling his schedule for at least two years. A project like this could be small enough to squeeze in if he’s passionate about it though, so it’s a matter of finding the right gap. And isn’t it always about finding the right gap, really?

Source | Deadline