Film Weekend Per Total
1 Tangled $21,500,000 (-55.9%) $5,967 $96,461,000
2 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 $16,735,000 (-65.9%) $4,057 $244,236,000
3 Burlesque $6,100,000 (-48.9%) $2,009 $26,957,000
4 Unstoppable $6,100,000 (-46.6%) $1,935 $68,893,000
5 Love and Other Drugs $5,700,000 (-41.5%) $2,319 $22,622,000
6 Megamind $5,030,000 (-60.0%) $1,585 $136,704,000
7 Due Date $4,215,000 (-41.2%) $1,720 $90,964,000
8 Faster $3,829,000 (-55.1%) $1,550 $18,112,000
9 The Warrior’s Way $3,051,000 $1,881 $3,051,000
10 The Next Three Days $2,650,000 (-43.4%) $1,185 $18,381,000

This just in: Not as popular: the Four 6 Mafia and the Three 7 Mafia.

The week after Thanksgiving is usually dead. It’s a cinematic untucking of the pants and getting one’s self in a restful position to absorb the post-holiday come down. This is all the more apparent this week as the lowest drop in the top ten was Due Date, which has been out for five weeks, and still dropped over 40%. While the only new picture – The Warrior’s Way – performed pathetically. That’s not to say people didn’t go to the movies this weekend, and in limited release both Black Swan and The King’s Speech are doing great (in old school BO talk, it’d be “boffo”) per screen numbers. Swan did $77,444 per screen at 18 locations, and King was at $54,333 per screen at six locations. Both of which should start expanding screens shortly. Black Swan would be Gary Coleman’s role in the “urban” remake of Phantom of the Paradise.

But it was Tangled that won the weekend by default. Harry Potter was buoyed last week by the Holiday weekend (yet still fell 60%). In its third weekend, Potter tumbled hard again and dropped over 65%. At this point you’re dealing with the faithful, and if any picture in the franchise is going to break the ceiling it’s going to be the last one. Deathly Hallows Part 1 doesn’t look to cross $300 at this point domestically, and should be shedding multiple prints next weekend, on top of Dawn Treader arguably having the same audience. Even if Potter stops precipitously dropping, the best hold next week would be being off around 40%, which would put it at $260-ish next weekend. My guess is that it gets near $280 domestic. The film has already made $600 Million worldwide, and the WW numbers aren’t slowing as rapidly, so – what – over $800 is pretty much assured for the film.

Tangled cost way too much to make its money back domestically (it has a listed production budget of $260), but if people like it, then the assorted ephemera can still make a film like this profitable. Tangled now looks like it could clear $150, but if they can get it to $200, they’re champions. The question is how it weathers all this family friendly. Narnia next weekend, Tron and Yogi Bear after that, and then Gulliver’s Travels and Little Fockers for Christmas. With the Disney label, it does have a certain nostalgic appeal for pretty much every generation.

The Warrior’s Way tanked. Faster didn’t find any friends, DOA. Due Date‘s on its way to $100 Million, Burlesque could clear $40 Million, Unstoppable looks to stop around $80 or $90 Million. Love and Other Drugs will get to around $35 Million. Megamind stops a little over $150, And The Next Three Days should include that film’s DVD and Blu-ray release date. Zing.

Next weekend it starts to get interesting as both Dawn Treader and The Tourist are wounded pictures, but the former will do over $100 Million, and the other is something of a question mark. Big stars, but no heat.