It’s only fitting that Ip Man, the Wing Chun master who famously trained Bruce Lee, has been memorialized in a kung fu flick with what is arguably the greatest martial arts star alive playing him. But one movie was not enough!

After the great success of Ip Man (review) Donnie Yen returns as the titular character in Ip Man 2, which continues the story of the man’s (embellished) life and his quest to punch every bad person in the face multiple times. Wilson Yip returns to direct and this time Sammo Hung isn’t content with doing the astonishing fight choreography, stepping in front of the camera for a fight with Yen despite having had heart surgery right before production.

Check out the teaser trailer and be happy to note that they’re releasing this one uncut and subtitled, as it should be.


Ip Man 2
hits the US and Canada on January 28, 2011. We’ll get you a theater
listing as soon as it’s available!