In a dictionary, the definition for ‘SLAM DUNK’ could probably be the one-sheet to the right. From every direction it appears that the Coen Bros. adaptation of True Grit not only surpasses the original (the first of two Kim Darby remakes that outdo the original in the coming months), it showcases new facets to the filmmakers’ growth and possibly the finest work of cinematographer Roger Deakins’ career.

That is very difficult to do.

As most of you hopefully know, True Grit was one of John Wayne’s most beloved movies. It even got sequelized! It was an iconic role for an iconic guy, but where that film veered from the source novel the Coens have remained faithful. Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, and what apparently is a movie-stealing and legendary child performance from young Hailee Steinfeld.

This is an unmissable film and frankly, one of too few as we enter the 2010 home stretch.

True Grit‘s the reason we did the Sacred Cow list (be amazed by it). The more I thought about the more I realized that damn near any film on that list, if done by them, would be worth watching and something that’d deserve optimism. I think they’re exclusive in that regard.

You want to see this, and we’re partnering in a bunch of cities for it (including Charleston, one of my favorite towns on Earth). Using the link below, answer the questions below to the best of your abilities. Winners will be emailed a digital pass code they can use to print their own tickets, allowing you to be in charge of your destiny and keeping the very fallible Post Office workers from ruining everyone’s day*.

Your Questions Are:

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