So most of November managed to pass without more Tron stuff- a good thing, considering the danger of fatigue after a year of marketing. Tron: Legacy looks a whole lot closer on this side of Thanksgiving though, so new things are appearing, and they’ve definitely saved some cool stuff. One of which is the new “Coke Zero Live Cycle” Tron app, which has made me completely re-evaluate what I want from an iPhone game…

Let me explain.

Before this particular Tron game was released, I judged iPhone games by two primary criteria; how fun they are, and how well the experiences holds up in a bathroom stall in five minute snippets. I have a feeling much of America judges similarly, hence the immense popularity of a game like “Angry Birds,” which seems to have been engineered specifically around the idea of gaming in bathroom-trip segments. Tron’s “LiveCycle” app is not one of those games, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a hell of a lot of fun.

While it’s yet another piece of branded Tron marketing tied in specifically with Coke Zero, like much of the rest of Tron‘s campaign it is frustratingly hard to dismiss, what with it being extremely clever and all of that. The game is simple- you are on the grid, and you’re in a light-cycle along with a number of other real-world, real-time humans. To win, you run around and let your GPS track your movements, translating them to the movement of your lightcycle, which leaves behind a trail of energy that will hopefully bring sad-times to other lightcyclists when they crash into it.

Unfortunately it’s been nothing but rain in Georgia lately, so I’ve had to test this in my apartment, which doesn’t scale particularly well with the game, and I’ve yet to win a single round. Despite this, I’ve had a great time doing my best, even if I’ve barged through a roommate’s door at several inappropriate times in my quest to wreck “that dick-assed asshole in the orange cycle!!!” all set to Daft Punk’s increasingly catchy Derezzed track. The song is appropriate since this…

…happens to me frequently.

With a backyard, parking lot, or a field at my disposal, this would be amazing,

If you’ve got an iPhone, hit the site now and grab your free (icopy?) of LiveCycle right this instant. If you’re an Android user- sit tight! It’s coming soon to whichever ones of you are lucky enough to be running whatever particular fragment of the Android OS they’re able to support!

If you happen to have the App, it also gives you access to some exclusive content, which at the moment consists of some extra trailers and featurettes, but will soon get much better. This Thursday, December 2nd, the app will be able to send you to an exclusively hosted trailer for the video game, Tron: Evolution.

Even more awesome is that on December 8th (next Wednesday) the app will be able get you in on a stream of a new Daft Punk Tron track called “Castor,” along with a new Daft Punk image. The double edged sword is that this track won’t be available anywhere else but on the UK limited edition of the soundtrack, so bummer that it’s going to be hard to come across, but great that you can get it here through the app!

All of this will be findable on the Coke Zero Tron site as well, which you can check out here.

Enjoy – we’re on the home stretch before the film’s release!