Anchor Bay has just announced that it’s partnering with AMC to bring The Walking Dead to Blu-ray and DVD in the U.S. and Canada sometime in Spring 2011. How’s that for turnaround?

“We’re pleased to be working on The Walking Dead series with the team at AMC,” Anchor Bay president Bill Clark said in a press release. “We have some unique plans for the release and can’t wait to put them into motion.”

We’ll have full specs for you when they’re announced. All I know is that these suckers better be stacked to help with the wait.

This comes as news hits from Deadline that Darabont and crew has let go of the writing crew for the show and aren’t going to hire anyone on for the second season.

People around the net seem a bit concerned by the news but it doesn’t sound too unreasonable. Darabont’s got his mitts all over this project anyway, writing two of the six episodes from the first season and co-writing/rewriting the other four. So it’s not like he’s just going to abandon this project… he’s just going to hire on freelancers to write the scripts for the next season instead of using an in-house staff.

We’ll see what the Writer’s Guild thinks of this idea, though. This will be a ton of work for the series and might lock it into that October start date, but it seems almost set in stone by this point anyway. Even though last Sunday’s show actually did better numbers than the premiere, it seems like AMC just loves the idea of Fearfest kicking it off.