The outlook for Michael Douglas’ health has been rather dire in the last few months, as you could be convinced he was already dead from the hysterical reports surrounding his unfortunate bout of tongue cancer. While it’s not for sure that the worst has passed, a new and extensive interview with the actor from Hollywood Reporter suggests that Douglas is still strong and sharp after emerging from all of the grueling cancer treatments with his voice (and hair!) intact. The interview describes his extremely positive outlook and strong odds of recovery, while Douglas looks to the future, planning a globetrotting trip for his family, and preparing for the role of Liberace in Soderbergh’s new film.

Douglas was announced to be connected with the Liberace film years ago, and it is obviously still a priority, contingent on the results of his upcoming health check in January.

The interview is a great read, and it’s heart-warming to see such a strong and beloved actor doing well in the face of being stricken with an illness that is usually crippling if not deadly. It’s even more affirming when you consider that his ex-wife sued him for major money, and his son has encountered some serious drug-related problems, which would weigh on any parent’s soul, but as Douglas says, “I’m sure it’s not easy, either, being a third generation.”

When you have a moment, digest the interview and give thanks that even if one of our classic stars is fading, he’s doing so with grace and strength. Then give even more thanks that we might just have him back as a healthy man, ready to don the most flamboyant costumes ever worn by a closeted stage performer.

Check it out right here.