I have been pretty vocal about how Season Three of Sons of Anarchy had been letting me down for the first half of the year. The subplot involving the kidnapping of Jackson Teller’s (Charlie Hunnam) son and the short arc involving Hal Holbrook as Gemma’s (Katey Sagal) let me down a good bit, though as is typically the case with the show there are always great little moments dispersed throughout. The show regained its footing in the second half and to be honest I think the last few episodes of the show have been some of the best and I’m glad to say that Sons is right back near the top of my “must see” recommendations.

I’ve seen the season finale ‘NS’ and it just reminds me that I should just shut the fuck up and trust Kurt Sutter and gang. It leaves the show in a great place and I have to say that it’s nice to see a show that has the guts and commitment to actually provide some closure on things. There are subplots that have been going on for quite some time that are most definitely coming to a close here and they’ve done a really nice job of balancing some really emotional stuff with some pretty damn ruthless stuff.

‘NS’ starts off with a montage and it ends with a montage, the first being a really warming prelude to the episode’s violent and club-altering events and the second being an absolutely phenomenal usage of a cover of Neil Young’s classic ‘Hey Hey, My My’ by the band Battleme that brings things to a close and makes the wait for season four all that more excruciating. So many of the characters get great moments, and I have to admit that they totally suckered me in with a major plotline I thought was going to rule the show’s future. Luckily, there’s a nice sleight of hand that strengthens the whole SAMCROW family moving forward. The show is a hit. If it does well I see no reason for it not to continue beyond that unless they feel too compelled to tie the Hamlet thing together too tightly or if the principals simply don’t want to do it anymore.

As a result, based on the quality and goodwill generated by this phenomenal episode I have only one request for Sons of Anarchy: DON’T RUSH. We don’t need big melodramas for a while. Infirm older folks. Pregnancies. Disease.  This show is a magical ensemble of great characters played by great performers. It’s earned the right to breathe a little.

But, if you’re a fan of the show and have like me felt that Season Three wasn’t living up to the brand… well that shit is over. The last four or five episodes have set the bar moving forward and the finale is a perfect blend of a wet kiss and a concussive blow to the face.