With the 83rd Oscar Ceremony a little over three months out, it appears now is as good as any for the committee to announce who’s hosting in February:

Anne Hathaway and James Franco.

Hathaway is about as bland a selection as it gets, but at least she’ll look good in the process. Franco’s been great for a while, and with his upcoming turn in Your Highness (if you haven’t, you need to see the trailer) and his highly acclaimed performance in 127 Hours, the Oscars are obviously riding the hot ticket(s).

So the perception here is that they are trying to “young up” the Oscars by going with two actors they feel best personifies the new-look Hollywood. If that’s their thinking it’s hard to fault the selection (even though I just did), but it would have been nice to have had Martin and Baldwin have another go at it.

The Oscars will air February 27th.