Welcome back to Lost & Found! The television landscape is littered with the bodies of the shows that couldn’t, the shows that shouldn’t, the shows that time and humanity have forgotten or reviled or loved –  perhaps too much – in numbers which the God Of Nielsen hath declared Unworthy.

Here they get a second chance.

Lost & Found resurrects and revisits these cancelled shows: the lame and the strong, the justly-interrupted and the unfairly-euthanized. In the last round of voting Twin Peaks squeaked ahead of Firefly, Carnivale and Deadwood to become the first show I watched for the column (If you missed them you can check out all of the Peaks-related columns on my author page by clicking here). The shows listed below all have a shot at resurrection, and you’re going to tell me which one I’ll revive next. Will we move on to one of the runner-up shows listed above? Or will you choose to go with something less obvious?

Allow me to make a suggestion: Don’t pick one of the runner-ups. There are a ton of critically-beloved underdogs on the list without as much name recognition (Pushing Daisies, Profit, American Gothic, and Freaks & Geeks, to name just a few), and there’s a good chance that you’ll discover something wonderful if you give a less familiar show a shot here. I’m looking forward to revisiting, say, Carnivale as much as you are but there are a lot of fish in this sea, and pulling up all the biggest fish right away tends to lead to long-term disappointment in my experience. That said, you’re in the driver’s seat here – not me. What you choose I will watch and write about. Select your top two picks from the list below in order of preference and post them below in the comments or on the Lost & Found thread on Chud’s venerable message board. Enlist your friends and your fellow fans and have them vote as well. The more folks you can enlist, the better your chance at swinging the odds in your favor.

The polls will stay open until 11 pm Wednesday, US EST, at which point I’ll tally the votes. Tune in this Friday, when I’ll announce the winner, as well as take a briefish, palette-cleansing look back at one of the most inexplicable sitcoms of the 90’s.

Once again, for your entertainment and edification, I present to you the Lost & Found Master List:


• Profit
• Max Headroom
• American Gothic
• Dead Like Me
• Carnivale
• Pushing Daisies
• Invasion
• The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.
• Daybreak
• John from Cincinnati
• The Lost Room
• The Middleman
• Miracles
• Deadwood
• Harsh Realm
• The Tick
• Dollhouse
• Threshold
• Wonderfalls
• Swingtown
• Keen Eddie
• Action
• Point Pleasant
• Rome
• Nowhere Man
• Freaks and Geeks
• Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
• Surface
• Greg the Bunny
• Earth 2
• Firefly
• Undeclared
• Kings
• Veronica Mars
• The Prisoner
• The 4400
• Better Off Ted
• Wiseguy
• Bakersfield PD
• Space: Above and Beyond
• The Riches
• Brimstone
• Better Off Ted
• Jericho
• Blake’s 7
• Millenium
• Journeyman (not yet available on Netflix)*
• Fantasy Island (unavailable on Netflix or to purchase)*
• Dark Skies (soon to be available on DVD)*
• G vs. E (unavailable on Netflix or to purchase)*

*I don’t support piracy of commercially-available material nor do I typically seek out bootlegged materials. I genuinely believe that I owe the creators of entertainment my money for said-entertainment in the same way that I owe a restaurant my money for making me a meal. With that said there are shows out there that I’d like to cover and that aren’t available to me (or anyone else, as far as I’m aware) through normal channels of commerce, so I’ve proposed the following compromise:

If you are personally able to supply me with the full run of a commercially-unavailable series, I will make a donation equal to the approximate value of the hypothetical DVD directly to Amnesty International, a worthy cause no matter your particular political beliefs. I will also return your copies to you once I’m done watching them. If you are able to point me toward someone who is willing to sell the full run of either show to me I will STILL make that donation (albeit a lesser donation, since I’ll also be ponying up for the shows and I ain’t made of money).