Last week while we were all indulging in turkey Telltale Games released the first three screenshots from their upcoming Back to the Future videogame. As you can see, some famous locations from the films will be included like Doc Brown’s lab. Gotta love the clocks and pictures on the wall, as well as the video camera!

In the game you control Marty and as you’d expect from Telltale it’s a point and click adventure game, meaning that you’re going to go around collecting items and using them in puzzles, as well as the usual witty dialogue. Doc Brown is the only original cast member lending his voice here but the actor doing McFly is quite good.


Telltale has also released a very fun Facebook game called Blitz Through Time that’s a bit like a fast-paced Bejeweled. Check it out here. Expect the first episode of the videogame to hit in December with the next four episodes being released each subsequent month. If you want, you can get the first episode absolutely free.