If you’re a fan of Alan Parkers’ Pink Floyd The Wall, don’t start freaking out: this isn’t a remake of the 1982 film, rather a behind-the-scenes look at one of the songs.

Namely, Another Brick in the Wall.

It’s a great song from a great album, even though it’s become one of those grossly overplayed numbers like Bohemian Rhapsody. Still, that doesn’t diminish the power of the tune, especially when heard in the context of the album. So now producer Andy (The Queen) Harries is mounting a film version centering on the school children who sang on the song back in 1979.

Harries told Deadline he sees the film as “Dead Poets Society meets School of Rock“, centering on Alun Renshaw’s tale. He’s the music teacher who was fired after the songs’ release (due to the controversy of the anti-authority lyrics), while the Islington Green school received  £1,000 out of the project!

I think it’s an interesting concept and I’d love to see it realized, but Harries doesn’t even have a script or the rights to the song yet, so this may be a while off from becoming anything more solid.