THR reports that the plot for The Hangover, Part II has been revealed in a new press kit from Warner Bros.  The sequel centers around another bachelor party, this time for Ed Helms’ Stu, in Bangkok.  And that the action starts from a seemingly innocuous source: After the unforgettable bachelor party in Las Vegas, Stu is taking no
chances and has opted for a safe, subdued pre-wedding brunch,” the
release says. “However, things don’t always go as planned.
  And that’s essentially it.  You could probably get more detail from a psychic on Hollywood Blvd. 

What is already known, is that Jamie Chung (Sucker Punch) has taken the role of Stu’s fiance (guess that follow-up date with Heather Graham’s Jade didn’t take).  Also appearing will be Ken Jeong and Paul Giamatti, Mike Tyson, former President Bill Clinton and Liam Neeson as a tattoo artist in cameos, and Mel Gibson as not at all.  Todd Phillips is returning to direct, and the original foursome of Bradley Cooper, Helms, Justin Bartha and Zach Galifianakis are returning to raise more hell and barely remember it.

The Hangover, Part II opens on May 26, 2011.