Perhaps its a coincidence that the first word in the tagline of the new Liam Neeson action thriller, Unknown,
is one character away from another recent Liam Neeson action
thriller.  Perhaps not.  Regardless, the poster is now
online over at Coming Soon,
and Neeson is still looking like he could extricate spleens from some
bad guys.  The Warner Bros film, directed by Jaume Collet-Saura
(Crphan) centers on Dr. Martin Harris, who awakens in Berlin from a
coma, apparently the victim of identity theft.  He’s unable to
prove to anyone, including his wife (January Jones) who he really
is.  So with the help of a
young woman (Diane Kruger), and
with assassins hot on his trail, he sets out to unravel the mystery of
his predicament.  Frank Langella, Aidan Quinn and Bruno Ganz

You can click the image to enlarge.  Unknown hits theatres on February 18, 2011.