THR reports that David R. Ellis’ Untitled 3D Shark Thriller (although IMDB has it as Shark Night 3D) has landed at Relativity Media.  The film stars Sara Paxton, Dustin Milligan, Katharine McPhee, Chris Carmack, Alyssa
Diaz, Joel David Moore, Donal Logue, Sinqua Walls and Chris Zylka as college friends who spend a weekend at a lake house only
to find that it’s not safe to go into the water.
  Newcomer Jesse Studenberg and Will Hayes (TV’s Best Week Ever with Paul F. Tompkins, Assy McGee) wrote the screenplay, which is set in the Louisiana Gulf. 

Ellis has quite the background before getting into directing, starting out as a child actor in a Kurt Russell film (The Strongest Man in the World) before moving on to junior pro surfing and stunts in many films and TV shows including To Live and Die in L.A., Lethal Weapon, the original V and V: The Final Battle and Patriot Games.  In addition to the shark film, he’s also readying the films Milwaukee, about a vengeful cop [who] falls hard for a headstrong young widow who helps him hunt down his father’s killers in 1950’s Milwaukee, and Bad Luck, about a group of friends [who] find their lives changed when the superstitions they don’t believe in begin to come true.  (via IMDB).  His prior films include Cellular, Final Destination 2 and Snakes On A Plane.  The shark film is slated for release sometime next year.