Platige Image has just released a long trailer to Damian Nenow’s short
film Paths of Hate and it’s quite simply some of the most amazing bits of
animation you’ve ever seen. Even in this shortened version we get to see a nice long look at a dogfight that conveys the theme of the piece- the inanity of war.

The (translated)
synopsis of the short from their

tendency to blind hatred, a peculiar amok or a destructive fury lead to
total destruction in the end. Neither the scale nor the ideology
matters. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about two people or a million
people. Human life lasts only a second. Future generations get no more
than scars – bloody traces, paths of hate… .

Watch this sucker in fullscreen HD if you can!
Image is a Polish production house perhaps best known in the
known for their work on Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist. Yes,
they’re the people behind CHAOS

Paths of Hate will
premiere on the 26th at the Multikino ZÅ‚ote Tarasy film festival in Poland (the same day as an unlikely double feature of Machete and Entangled).
Pray that it makes its way over here somehow!