STYD is reporting that Daniel Hansford, one of the producers of Bronson, is currently developing a film called Abercrombie & Zombie. Keep digging folks, that barrel still has some stuff on the bottom! Break out the scraper!

Not content with just having movies about real-world zombies working jobs like Zombie Strippers and American Zombie (among dozens of others) on the market, they’re looking to make one about the world’s first zombie male supermodel.

Here’s the full synopsis:

ABERCROMBIE & ZOMBIE: The Life And Death And Death Of America’s First Zombie Supermodel is a tribute film to one of the greatest heroes of the Undead civil rights movement.

For too long, zombies were seen as second-class social dead-beats. Decades of struggle ensued before gray-skins gained a voice in politics, music and film. But it took a very special person to rise up from the grave and take on the greatest challenge of them all.

That person was born Norris Whiffle, a reality-show wannabe who died during an ambitious audition for Survivor. When Norris returned, he changed his name to Vincent Vango, in honor of that great Hispanic painter (yeah, we know) who didn’t find fame until after his death.

And so began the pursuit of his new dream – to become America’s first zombie supermodel. He may not have had much of a face. Nor much of a body remaining. But dammit, Vincent had balls.

No word on how likely this is to get produced, especially with that title, but we’ll let you know.