Lindsay Lohan’s inability to stay off the sauce has cost her a potentially big role, that of 70’s porn star Linda Lovelace in the biopic Inferno. It was reported Saturday that the producers had removed their offer to her and instead given the role to Malin Akerman.

So now there are three different versions of the story: 1) it was a mutual decision, 2) she was fired, or 3) she quit. Interestingly, Deadline chimed in with the 3rd part of the equation by running a quote from an unnamed source that claimed she was “dropped as she’s impossible to insure and the producers loved Malin”. That’s a far more likely scenario, as she’s been notoriously drinking herself across LA since at least 2006 with only the occasional interruption.

Inferno is based on Lovelace’s 1980 book Ordeal: An Autobiography (co-written by Mike McGrady), and the script has been described as dark and “tawdry” – which is hardly a surprise considering the porn storyline. Lovelace claims she was forced into the adult industry by her first husband and everything went downhill from there, so the role should offer plenty of dramatic challenges to Akerman, who’s mostly been used in silly comedies and The Watchmen.

Thanks to RKG and Rain Dog for the heads up.