Film Weekend Per Total
1 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 $125,120,000 $30,332 $125,120,000
2 Megamind $16,175,000 (-44.5%) $4,280 $109,476,000
3 Unstoppable $13,100,000 (-42.3%) $4,082 $41,962,000
4 Due Date $9,150,000 (-40.7%) $2,834 $72,669,000
5 The Next Three Days $6,750,000 $2,633 $6,750,000
6 Morning Glory $5,233,000 (-43.1%) $2,057 $19,856,000
7 Skyline $3,431,000 (-70.7%) $1,190 $17,643,000
8 Red $2,467,000 (-50.4%) $1,213 $83,574,000
9 For Colored Girls $2,400,000 (-63.2%) $1,974 $34,540,000
10 Fair Game $1,470,000 (+44.0%) $3,808 $3,739,000

This just in: more paramedics.

Harry Potter gonna make some cash. This is the biggest three day opening of the franchise, though most of the openings have been five days. Part one of the Deathly Hallows is the first half of a movie, and as the film will likely be out on DVD by the time of the second half, it will not get the bump last chapters get, even if it is half of the last chapter. RotS and RotK did more money than their predecessor, whereas this looks more likely to be an opening weekend picture. Actually, between midnights and Friday Potter did $60 Million, which means that one day did almost half of the business of the weekend. This often translates to a steep fall-of, but *boom* next weekend is Thanksgiving so there’s more cushion for the landing (also: pushing) so it should be over $200 by next Sunday. The drop the weekend after that is going to be bad, but $250 Million is the lowest it’ll go, though the franchise has had problems getting over $300 Million (only two of the previous six have). I would split the difference, and expect a $270-ish total. But as half a movie at the end of the franchise, you’re definitely only among the faithful at this point (whereas with a last film, people will read the last chapter of a book). I wonder if being half a movie will effect Part 2 similarly.

Megamind crossed over the nine digit mark this weekend, and in any other case that would be a big deal. But here, uh, not so much. By Wednesday Tangled comes out, and that may chop its legs off. A hundred used to be a victory, but when you cost $150 million, here: no. This could coast to $150-ish, but I feel like it might die beforehand. This didn’t attract the following of other Dreamworks titles, or perhaps the anti-hero conceit of the narrative did nothing for parents, or maybe it was just a wrong place, wrong time sort of thing. Then it becomes all about international gross. Right now those numbers aren’t great, but between ancillaries and TV, it should have a business model for success. Unstoppable cost $100 Million, so the question now is how long it will play. Maybe it holds strong because it’s the only action movie out right now. Maybe it plays long because of the adult appeal. There are things to hope for, it fell 40%, but it’ll get a boost from Thanksgiving and it’ll be over $55 next weekend. I don’t know if it gets to a hundred – odds are against. Due Date it’s in a better position, and will be over $80 next weekend, but with four major releases on Wednesday, it’s going to start bleed screens. This means $100 isn’t out of the question but it’s going to be a limp if it gets there.

The Next Three Days… holy shit. You would figure as a genre entry it might do some business, but no. No. No. (No.) Aw, hell no. No. No. No.

No. (maybe it gets to near $20 Million… probably not). No.

Morning Glory… I watched Harrison Ford on Conan. That’s not being stoned, that’s something way more serious and frightening. Harrison Ford is likely leaving the spotlight. And likely this is one of his last major movies (oh yeah, there’s Cowboys Vs. Aliens). And it’s bombing. Very sad.

Skyline is falling like a horror film, so a little over $20 Million it goes. $25 Million would be the absolute best it could do, but it is going to start losing screens on Wednesday. Red might be getting to $90 Million, but that’s about it. Still – not so bad. Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls is one of his lower grosses, but eh. The picture is going away. Fair Game cracked the top ten, which is as good as it gets. And then next week it’s turkey weekend. Huzzah.