At yesterday’s press junket for TRON: Legacy,
Jeff Bridges made the announcement that he’s actually
recording and releasing an album with his band The Royal We (heh) and
the producer of 2009’s Crazy Heart,
T-Bone Burnett.  Apparently, his Oscar-Winning role in the
Scott Cooper-helmed film did a lot to reawaken Bridges’ old
musical aspirations.  To quote The Dude himself:

music is a big force in me now. I really feel
like—I’m goin’ on 61 years old now and
I’ve been playing music since I was a teenager, and now for
some reason all the stars are aligned and it’s just
comin’ out. That’s my big dream that’s
being realized as we speak.”

this isn’t some pipe dream “We’re gonna
do this” scenario – he’s in the middle of it right
now.  In fact, he made the statement that as soon as he was
done with the junket that he was going back to the studio to cut more
tracks.  Crossover projects can be a lot of fun and I
don’t expect any less from this.  Bridges’
longtime friend Johnny Goodwin, who co-wrote “The Weary
Kind” for Crazy Heart, will be contributing a few songs to the album.  And if you missed Crazy Heart and aren’t familiar with Bridges’ musicianship, check out this video from ABC News Now with Peter Travers.

album will be released sometime next year and The Dude says that there
actually will be a tour.  We’ll be sure to keep you
posted on that as it’s announced.

Source | Collider