Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick – the fine gentlemen who brought us the script for last year’s superb Zombieland – are making an attempt behind the lens in their directorial debut, with Doc and Howie.

The film, written by TV writer-producer Steve Leff (he has a few credits under his belt, his most notable probably being 2006’s Good Morning, Miami), made the rounds on last year’s Blacklist under the full name of Doc and Howie Whack a Granny.  Ivan Reitman’s Montecito Picture Co. is on board with producing duties and THR is reporting that Paramount will most likely distribute since Montecito has a first-look deal with those guys.

The movie, according to THR, is “described as being in the tone of Harold and Kumar, the title characters accidentally kill an elderly woman when they neglect to help her carry her groceries up the stairs. In a fortuitous twist, the incident brings them into contact with the woman’s hot granddaughters, and they struggle with the dilemma of whether to tell the women the truth.”

Well I’ll admit – that sounds awful.  But again, the script was pretty wildly popular in the industry so this may end up being a lot of fun.  The production is supposedly ready to start by early summer, which should be a nice change of pace for Resse and Wernick, who have been busy writing not only the sequel to Zombieland, but also the next GI Joe installment, FOX’s Deadpool spinoff, Earth vs. Moon for Universal and Cowboy Ninja Viking at Disney.