We have our first look at Karl Urban as Judge Dredd in the simply titled DREDD, coming from the twitter feed of “Jock” (comic artist and concept designer) who is associated with 2000AD. First, keep in mind that this is from a rehearsal and probably doesn’t reflect the look or locations of the actual shoot. Most likely the costume is being tested and they tossed him in the nearest concrete hallway…

[click to enlarge]

If that’s the primary costume then it seems they’ve drug it back somewhere between reality and comic book, which reconciles well with an attempt to reboot a franchise after Stallone’s cartoon of a movie. The costume seems a little characterless though, and the helmet a little ill-fitting, but those kinds of observations are irrelevant considering how without context this picture is. This could still be in the design or fabrication stage.. who knows? Roughly lightening up the picture shows the details and it’s clear they’re going for a thickly textured military look, with a pretty toned-down helmet design. Urban’s chin looks mean enough.

I really wouldn’t take much more from this than an indication of the general aesthetic they’ll be going for, but let’s see a nicely-lit production still at least before we go any farther than that.

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(Thanks to Brian Henne and Casey Moore)