Last week I used my free rental at the Redbox to rent Burton’s Alice In Wonderland. After sitting through it I wanted my free rental back! I can sum up the movie in 1 word. BORING. I’m sitting here watching it and was just bored to shit. I didn’t find it engaging at all. Not to mention that Helena Bonham Carter was shrill and annoying in the movie.

I sat through the ENTIRE film hoping that I would find something in it that I could latch onto and say “At least this keeps it from being a complete travesty.” That moment never arrived. I never thought I’d ever see a movie where Crispin Glover doesn’t do something eccentric to entertain. It seems like he’s just going along with the movie, and you’d figure a movie by TIM BURTON that also features JOHNNY DEPP would have tons of eccentric character scenes played for comedy. They try, and the fail.

Vanessa said when she saw it at the theater in 3D she enjoyed it. Perhaps that would have helped if I’d seen it in the theater as well. I know it was post converted, but I’ve heard it’s not as awful as the Clash Of The Titans 3D, which we skipped out on, and caught the 2D version instead.

I know on the boards I’m known for liking just about every film, but I always point to these “My Eyes! My Eyes!” blogs as proof that there are films I just don’t like. I may one day revisit it, to see if my opinion has changed, but right now I just have an intense dislike of it.

Rene’s song of the day: “Strawberry Pie” by Graham Reynolds.

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