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By Steve Murphy (Author Page)

What I’m Thankful For:
The Buffy/Angel Watching Guide.

You want to talk about being late to the party, I showed up about 6 years late!

When Buffy the Vampire Slayer was in first-run, I was completely and utterly against it for ridiculous reasons, none of which were based on having actually seen an episode all the way through. I rejected the popularity of Buffy based solely on how popular it was, and whenever I would flip past it on the TV it was always in the middle of some poorly choreographed fight scene. Oh, how I would scoff at it – the show couldn’t even accomplish something the movie had been able to do better, I would think. Based on ignorant views like that, I never even bothered with Angel when it split from Buffy in 1999.

For years I held my ignorant views regarding both shows, which is dumb looking back now because I never gave either show a real chance. I had nothing to base my “facts” on, so I had no business trashing Buffy whenever it would come up in conversation.

Finally, after 6 years of having my friends yell at me for being stubborn I finally gave in and decided to watch Buffy, but there was no way I was ever going to watch that “talentless prick Boreanaz mope around LA for 5 season”… my words exactly. After a much-needed intervention, someone told me there was a way to watch them both almost simultaneously as some of the stories featured multiple crossovers and plot elements. And that’s when I became intrigued: for some reason the idea of watching these two shos side by side was the spark I needed, so I borrowed Nick’s DVD set of all 5 seasons of Angel and fired up Buffy on Netflix Instant.

But first I needed an episode guide on which episodes to watch and when. I found this one and started Buffy, fully prepared to be let down by how crappy it was.

Luckily, there was no way I could have been MORE WRONG – it’s a freaking great show and I was completely hooked. I felt like an idiot (I was) for having ignored this while it was on, and couldn’t wait to start Angel at the beginning of Buffy‘s Season 4. When the time came I had these two shows bouncing off of each other, thanks to the guide, and was enthralled by how the series’ were interwoven. The entire backstory of Spike, told from different perspectives in both Buffy and Angel, really nailed it for me and now I’m hooked. Plus, I take back my words regarding David Boreanaz – he was shaky at first on Buffy but now I see just how wrong I was about him. His work on Angel has made me appreciate him more as an actor.

Currently, I’m around the last third of Buffy Season 7 and near the end of Angel Season 4, so I don’t have much to go at all and I’m every bit invested in the two shows as I was when I started this adventure back in May.

I know these guides are old news for hardcore Buffy/Angel fans, but I’m thankful for how easy it’s made watching the two shows seem.

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