I like it when a week goes from zero to sixty. The one thing I learned in life is that having not enough time, and too much time are the exact same thing.


There’s a new Harry Potter film, and though the franchise is a juggernaut, this is one of the first films I have ever seen that actually isn’t a movie. I mean, I guess I’ve said that about films like Robin Hood, or – to a lesser extent – Star Trek, these serialized narratives that don’t so much conclude as set up the next adventure, but holy shit, Harry Potter 7.1 doesn’t actually have an ending. It just stops in the middle.
There used to be a sentiment that Television was getting better than the movies. But now we’re at a point where so much of what’s big – the $200-$300 Million dollars films – are built in for sequels. It’s a good business decision, but terrible for audiences. They don’t want to milk the cow dry, but the end game is to set up the next game.

I guess you can’t blame Warner Brothers for doing this, but I can’t celebrate it either. We’re getting Potter on layaway. This may impact the final gross, as fans may not go back until the whole chapter is available and this summer should see some in theater marathons of the franchise, and especially the first/seventh film. I would begrudge this business decision more if I felt like it had more practical applications. They can get away with it this time. Alas. Regardless, the film opens and should play with the faithful, who have turned all of these films into films that at lowest have done around $250 Million stateside, and nearly $800 worldwide, and at their best have done over $300 Million stateside, and nearly a billion worldwide.  So let’s say this one does around $900 for the world, and closer to $260 domestic.


Harry Potter is – in the words of Steven Wright – a Behemoth. The Next Three Days - the latest from Russell Crowe and Paul Haggis – might appeal to some, but word of mouth could help, but this feels like a let go title. 

So take it all in:
1. Harry Potter And The Something Something with Something Else- $135 Million
2. Megamind - $17.8 Million
3. Unstoppable – $14.5 Million
4. The Next Three Days - $11.5 Million
5. Due Date - $10.7 Million

And then on Sunday we’ll visit Sarah Palin’s Alaska.