So, as the Spider-Man reboot continues so does the casting. News broke earlier in the month that Martin Sheen had signed on to play Uncle Ben with Sally Field in talks for Aunt May, then came word yesterday that Dennis Leary was taking a break from yelling at people on TV in order to play George Stacy.

For the one person not in the know, Stacy is a police chief who not only loves the fact that his daughter Gwen (to be played by Emma Stone) dates the respectable Peter Parker, he’s also a big fan of Spider-Man and often supports him in the battle against crime.

Stacy’s character arc features a rocky ending, but as there’s been no real word on how the film will use the character (or any character, for that matter) we’ll just have to wait and see how he’s utilized – or at least until story notes begin leaking out.

Leary’s great and despite your feelings on this reboot it’s never a bad thing to get him back onto the big screen. The plan is to begin shooting this thing in December.