it takes is a quick perusal of your local newsstand to realize how dumb
celebrity is and how we as a race have almost ruined that one thing
that’s supposed to be the coolest and most enviable thing we regular
folks can aspire to be. Who doesn’t want to be rich or famous, or at
least a little of one? It’s not the American Dream, it’s The Dream.
Sadly, so many of the people that get the ink are the ones who are the
least interesting or real. Or worse yet, they’re famous for something
cheap. Or for being a freak.

at we would like to shine a light on folks out there who are
doing it right. Some of them aren’t even people who we’re a fan of the
output of but self-made individuals
who have earned the respect in their own right. You may not agree or
you may find a new few favorite folks. Either way, I look forward to
your take on it. This list is in no particular order.

Day One – Anthony Bourdain. Day Two – Dave Eggers. Day Three – Ricky Jay.

The Celebrity: Ricky Jay.

What He’s Best Known For: Being the magician, card shark, and technical consultant everyone loves.

The Catalyst for His Success: His association with David Mamet, a partnership that bears fruit on screen, on tube, and on the stage.

Career Low Points: There is none. Ricky Jay’s presence alone negates the entire concept of a low point.

Why He’s Here:

Fuck You #1:

If you’re like me, just seeing Ricky Jay show up on a show, film, or wherever else (I was stunned to see him show up on 60 Minutes one night) brightens your day. Not only is he absolutely stunning at what he does in the world of magic (he’s the world’s premier card thrower, which may not sound cool at the outset but if you’re trapped in a dark alley he’s got the first 52 assailants), he’s also a historian of weird and rare miscellany and has written several books on the subject. He’s essentially one of our best and last links to the old school when it comes to his craft.

Fuck You #2:

Better yet, he’s funny. He delivers lines like smooth honey and there’s a weight to his words you rarely see. He’s one of few men able to make David Mamet’s work sing on stage or screen. He’s that genuine sort of cool, the kind of cool the cool people flock to. And he’s tireless, doing shows, touring, writing, serving on dozens of boards, and his consultant resume reveals him as damn near infallible at his craft.

Fuck You #3:

If this were a list in order, the guy would be my personal #1. Get to know the man’s work if you don’t already. You’ll be a fan for life.

Suggested Miscellany:
His Official Site. Browse his YouTube videos. Buy his goodies.

Aw what the hell… FUCK YOU #4: