The modest success of Pirahna 3D seems
to have influenced producers to look back at other old b-movies to
remake, and the latest (victim?) will be The Swarm.

TheWrap is
reporting that producers Roy Lee (The Ring) of Vertigo Entertainment and
Steven Schneider (Paranormal Activity) of Room 101 are developing the
remake of the 1978 Irwin Allen disaster movie, with commercial director
Ash Bolland attached to direct and a writer “expected to be hired next
month”. That really tells you everything, doesn’t it?

course, The Swarm is
actually the smart kind of movie to remake, as it’s not that good. It’s
certainly a fun and silly disaster movie, mostly because of how
straight the whole thing is played, but it’s pretty painful, even
with a young Michael Caine starring.

The original centers around an entomologist (Caine) who tries to get the military to listen to his warnings about killer bees that are about to descend on Houston. Check out the trailer for a good idea of its quality.

No more details on the film just yet, but till then let’s see what other killer animal movies will be remade. I’m pulling for another Food of the Gods, personally.