Being fans of non-mainstream flicks, you gotta be stoked with all of the different announcements of previously unreleased movies getting the DVD treatment lately.  Finally the cost of production has gotten to a point where even the movies that won’t sell millions of copies can be profitable for companies willing to make it happen — or least willing to give it a shot.

Intervision Picture Corporation, recently founded by some movie industry vets, will focus on cult, exploitation, and even some Ozploitation flicks, the first of which include The Sinister Eyes of Dr. Orloff (long thought to be lost) and Paula-Paula — both directed by Goya Award Winner Jess Franco.

Intervision Picture Corporation has also just announced the acquisition of the seminal serial killer study The Secret Life: Jeffrey Dahmer, along with two of the greatest Ozploitation entries of the 1970s – Australia After Dark and The ABCs of Love and Sex.

Founder and CEO of Intervision Larry Gold, Sr. got his start back in the 1960s before leading the way in VHS distribution in the 80s — and then retired.  But apparently his love for getting good movies into the hands of the fans got him back in the game.

“I’ve still got the rights to over 850 films across all formats – and I intend to exercise them in a manner that will result in classy, special-features-laden releases crafted for the discriminating picturegoer. Film distribution has gotten a bit off its bearings as of late, and we at Intervision Picture Corporation intend to bring back a little of the way things used to be,” Gold said.

Will be interested in seeing just what titles he has in that 850-film vault.  And we’ll start to get an idea soon: the initial DVDs will be released starting in January.