CHUD redesign is well on its way. The lovely new message boards are
currently being beta-tested by the writers and a number of long-time
Chewers, and the new mainpage is disgustingly near completion. I see
improvements made to it on a daily basis and can tell you that it is
real, it is coming, and it is great.

while the new Main Page has a ton of easily used, nicely integrated
social media functions built-in (including FB), we didn’t want to wait
until it launches to give in to Facebook’s march towards total
internet-experience centralization. With that in mind, we’ve crammed in a
delightful little Facebook “like” badge that you can find at the top of
every article. We certainly don’t want you to exhaust the damn things
and flood your friend’s feed, but if an article really speaks to you or
grabs your attention, give it a click. We’d love your support, and
frankly need it. We’re not a juggernaut over here, just a big batch of
monsters and ladies trying to bring you as much great content as we can.
Every click helps.

better, when there’s an article you really think your friends will
respond to, after you “like” the piece, click the badge again to be able
to share it on your feed- with a comment box to tell everyone what you
dig about it.

everyone, and look for more announcements about the redesigned CHUD very
soon. Until then, “like” away and tell us about it on the Message Boards.

Fucking ARROWS!