We’d heard word that Pixar would be seriously switching up genres for Cars 2, their second-ever franchise to get a sequel, and the photo Oliver reported yesterday
seemed a harbinger or action-packed, multi-sentient-vehicle adventure
to come. Today brings a full out trailer that shows new characters, new
places, and a new coat of glossy glossy pixels.

People often ask why one of the least-appreciated Pixar was the first since Toy Story to get a sequel, and the answer (beside the fact that it is Lasseter’s personal pet project) is that Cars has sold more merchandise than any other Pixar film, at least 10-to-1. They’d sold a billion dollars worth of merchandise at the end of 2006- who knows how much they’ve amassed in the years since.

motivations aside, Pixar is a company with a pattern of being sensitive
to concept and storytelling, so there’s every chance they’ll bring the
care to Cars 2
that they bring to every other project. The hope would be that their
generally stellar judgement of script and story returns and makes this
movie worthwhile- the trailer above definitely indicates a new, fresh
approach to their world of self-aware vehicles. It could be considered
“going back to the aesthetic well,” but it looks like they are tinkering
again with the James Bondian vibe that Brad Bird employed to such
success on the Incredibles. If the film manages to strike out in it’s own direction of espionage and intrigue, then this could be a good time.

film looks beautiful, Mater still seems annoying as shit, and the
action looks dynamic, but all of that is to be expected. I had not heard
previous word of Michael Caine joining the voice cast, but my ears tell
me that’s the case.

Cars 2
will zoom onto IMAX and 3D screen on June 24th, and hopefully all of
the buzz and early word will point to a big improvement on its