So you love Diablo, but haven’t bought a new PC since Half Life 2, eh? Then stay awhile, and listen:

According to an announcement on the Diablo III community page, Blizzard is looking to fill “Console Positions” for a Diablo-related concept. They’re quick to qualify this with an assurance that the Windows and Mac versions of the sequel won’t be affected by any plans for a console Diablo.

Blizzard hasn’t had much luck (or interest) with consoles in the last decade, with the dead-on-the-vine shooter StarCraft: Ghost serving as their most memorable misstep. It’s important to remember that Blizzard worked in the console domain back in the ’90s, carving out a reputation for themselves with output like The Lost Vikings and Blackthorne. Granted, the development environment’s much different now, but it won’t be such an unimaginable sea change for them.

Diablo III, the upcoming sequel to the famous and too-often-cloned action RPG, arrives for the PC in 2011. Hopefully.

Source: Gamasutra