Sure Michael Keaton has been around.  But it just seems like it’s been too long that he’s been around, you know?.  How long ago was Out of Sight and Jackie Brown?  A dozen years?  Shit.  Live From Baghdad was eight years ago.  Since then, he’s been keeping some time on kid-friendly projects like Jack Frost, Herbie: Fully Loaded, Cars and Toy Story 3.  I just miss when Keaton was headlining.  I miss the edgy Keaton in stuff like Clean and Sober, Pacific Heights and One Good Cop.  Hell, I even miss the Keaton from Desperate Measures.  How was he in The Other Guys?  Have yet to see that. 

Anyway, I’m just a fan who hasn’t forgotten Mr. Keaton.  Any opportunity to catch his work is generally a good opportunity.  And apparently HBO agrees.  They’ve just inked a production deal with the former Beetlejuice, where he’ll get the chance to not only act, but direct and executive produce projects for them, says Variety“Michael Keaton is a multifaceted talent who never fails to engage the
audience in fresh ways,” said Michael Lombardo, prexy of HBO
Programming. “We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with
Said Keaton of the collaboration: “When you look at the overall landscape out there and see what’s getting
done, you realize it’s not only the types of things HBO is doing, but
how extraordinarily well they do them,” Keaton said. “The question
really becomes, why would you not want to be in business with these
folks when they ask?”

No specific projects were mentioned as of yet.  How about The Continuing Adventures of Peter McCabe?