Vogue has just posted some Annie Leibovitz shots from the upcoming horribly titled and rightfully feared Spider-Man Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, and well, they speak for themselves.


I’ve walked past the theater a few times in NYC (it’s right near the E-Walk, across from the AMC 25 on 42nd St) and shaken my head a few times at the signs, and now it’s your turn. If you haven’t heard, music for this “musical” has been composed by none other than Bono and the Edge from U2. Two of their songs are titled “Rise bove” and “Boy falls from the sky.”

I’ll let that sit for a second while you contemplate it, along with Green Goblin’s mohawk.

The 60 million dollar musical is the most expensive of all time, so expensive that they had to get cheaper actors (Evan Rachel Wood was originally supposed to be Mary Jane). If Green Goblin is not bad enough to terrify you, watch out for the cocoa-y evilness of this new evildoer, Swiss Miss!

Egads. Here’s a look at Peter Parker and Mary Jane.

Head over to Vogue for details about the production and larger pictures, if they interest you. Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark hits in January and god damn it, I might be there just to see how bad it is.