Today’s mUpdate: The good gentleman Peter from /Film was lucky enough to discover that The Muppets Movie is shooting merely a stone’s throw from the BDSM dungeon from which they work (best WIFI in LA, I hear). As any good fan of the felt would, he trotted over to the set and grabbed what iPhone pictures he could manage, with a number of them very close and detailed. Naturally you can and should click over to see them all (and then zoom right back for more delights).

We see how rusted out and broken down the defunct puppet studio has become, and how difficult it will be to save it when an oil tycoon goes after the property to search for black gold beneath it. Jason Segal, Paul Rudd, Chris Cooper, and a massive amount of other celebrities will be parading through the film, which I think is on the top of nearly any sane human being’s most-anticipated-films list.

I hope we get a Tron-scale marketing effort for The Muppets, with entire buildings in major cities being covered in felt, and Kermit parachuting into public events. The next year should belong to the puppets!