Film Weekend Per Total
1 Megamind $30,055,000 (-34.7%) $7,611 $89,757,000
2 Unstoppable $23,500,000 $7,328 $23,500,000
3 Due Date $15,530,000 (-52.5%) $4,615 $59,008,000
4 Skyline $11,678,000 $4,055 $11,678,000
5 Morning Glory $9,625,000 $3,822 $12,231,000
6 For Colored Girls $6,750,000 (-65.4%) $3,173 $30,920,000
7 Red $5,114,000 (-40.9%) $1,777 $79,818,000
8 Paranormal Activity 2 $3,050,000 (-57.0%) $1,269 $82,000,000
9 Saw 3D $2,750,000 (-64.4%) $1,392 $43,468,000
10 Jackass 3-D $2,300,000 (-53.5%) $1,431 $114,708,000

This just in: a demostration from Adolfo ‘Shabba-Doo’ Quinones and Michael ‘Boogaloo Shrimp’ Chambers of how to “toot it” and then “boot it.”

There may be no stopping love, but it turns out that Unstoppable is in fact (spoilers) stoppable, at least from getting the top slot (SNAP). Well, what it means is that Megamind had a good hold for its opening, and should be going into next weekend with around $100 Million in the bank, which is good because Harry Potter could cut into it. Lucky for Megamind, it won’t be stealing any 3-D screens because they decided against post-conversion for Potter. Theoretically, Potter plays a bit older than Megamind so the latter should be able to get to $150 Million without question, it’s how well it does in the season, which may buoy the film some. Tangled comes out for Thanksgiving, but Disney fucked that one up – you can tell from the marketing it’s had some troubles (hear the film is pretty good, though).  But – where How to Train Your Dragon played – I think this film will be dead by 12/10 when Narnia 3 hits. The legs will become more evident next weekend, that’s for sure, and DreamWorks has been good about getting films like it to $200 Million.

Denzel tends to do over or around $20 on an opening weekend. What Tony Scott and crew want is what Unstoppable might have, which is an adult appeal (“a train with legs? Isn’t that The Human Centipede?”). Word of mouth on this one (from people who didn’t get motion sickness) is that it’s a fairly solid piece of work, and this sort of stripped-down action film is kind of a throwback, so it might get strong legs from that. If it gets to $100, everyone’s happy, and if it gets in that neighborhood, everyone should be happy. The movie was probably too expensive for its ceiling, and Chris Pine has yet to sell a movie, so it was about Denzel and the premise: A dangerous train that couldn’t be stopped (but was!) Pine may yet become a movie star, but I don’t feel like people are walking away from this film talking about him the way they were after Star Trek. Is the heat on, asks Glen Frey, is it on the streets? For Pine, this isn’t that film (bu it’s better than Zachary Quinto’s fate, because at least Pine got a picture off Trek).

Due Date dropped over fifty percent. Which is normal. International might be slightly higher on this one because of Iron Man, but if Warners wants this to hit nine digits, they’re going to have to level out. The film hasn’t been a conversation piece, all things, so they may have just got their opening weekend. The low end would be $80 Million. If it gets lapped by Morning Glory next week, then that’s where it stops for sure. Ninety and change seems more likely, but if it gets to $100, it stops there too. The Hangover 2 is in production, so maybe they could go for some late promotional bullshit, but an exclusive trailer means nothing because it’ll be online lickety-split. With films like this though – as I’ve said before – I’m sure that “unrated DVD” has some traction still.

Skyline is doomed to drop over 50% next weekend, so it’s going to get a little over $20 Million. Reactions to the film seem to be in the “Laughably bad” to “bad” categories. But with whatever budget they actually spent (a million to ten million), as long as Universal didn’t go buck wild with the advertising dollar, this should make its money back. But like Cloverfield, this is infinitely better as a cashgrab than as a film. Morning Glory should outperform it, but it’s also going to need to find an audience. At least Red opened, if you know what I mean. Glory should have a solid hold next weekend if it got anyone’s attention. There was time (I’ll call it 1988) that I would pay to see any Harrison Ford film. These days…

For Colored Girls? More like For Colored Girls Only. (snap?) Though academy attention might be overstated, with ten options there might have been a place for Perry, but the film looks to be one of Perry’s lower-wattage performances. With a 60% plus drop, that means the film may not crack $50 Million. No one’s losing money on this, but if Tyler Perry is serious about getting awards from AMPAS, he’s should chase terminal illness flicks. At least I hear those are good for actors. MEDEA GOES TO CHEMOTHERAPY.

Red is showing wear (it’s got red on it?), but may have a little more life in it. There’s blockbusters ahead, so it’s all about holding screens. I think it’s got another ten million in itself. Paranormal should stop before $90 Million, Saw 3-D might limp to $50, and Jackass 3-D is less than five million away from being the highest grossing documentary of all time. ALL TIME!