While we’re in the middle of listing our picks for movies that should never be remade, Hollywood is still churning them out.  Among those up for redos is Paul Verhoeven’s  ‘80s sci-fi effects spectacle, Total Recall.

But you already knew that.  What we did just learn, however, is that Sony has decided on its lead and are prepared to offer the role to none other than Colin Farrell.  The fact that Farrell is up to take over for the Governator lends credence to the speculation that Les Wiseman’s take will be more of a re-imagining from the source short story (Dick’s “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale) as opposed to an out-and-out remake of the film itself, a la the Coens’ take on True Grit.

Again, it’s just an announcement of an offer, Farrell still has yet to accept.  Though, with Wiseman being the guy who gave us Live Free or Die Hard, any discerning thespian might wanna take a second glance before signing his name.  But that’s just my opinion.

We’ll bring you more as we hear it!

Source | Collider