Today’s Mupdate:

According to Production Weekly’s fire-hose of tweeted production announcements, and a story from The Wrap, we’ve got a big ole list of folks that might be joining up with the colorful cast of stuffed greats…

• Jane Lynch of Glee
• Donald Glover of Community and Mystery Team
• Danny Trejo of Chingate, cabron…
• Ed Helms of the Hangover
• Jack Black of fuuuuuuuck
• Eric Stonestreet of Modern Family
• Zach Galafiankis of beard
• John Krasinski of The Office and Captain America rumor
• Kristen Schaal of Flight of the Conchords and Toy Story 3
• Lady Gage from all the stuff Lady Gaga does

Rudd has also been named on the list, but Production Weekly has since
updated with a tweet stating he will NOT be the voice of Walter as originally mentioned (though I
suppose he could still be in the film in a different role, or as

This is diverse group of people, but each one makes perfect sense and the delightful thing about the tone and humor of The Muppets
is that it can accommodate someone like Danny Trejo as easily as
Galafianakis or anyone else. Lady Gaga makes some sense (she has to have
some affection for the characters, obviously), as do Lynch, Glover, and
Krasinski in a more standard way. Galafianakis, depending on what mode
he’s in (and I’d be ecstatic for something Tairy Greenesque), could be great and Trejo will be a gift pretty much just by being in the movie,so much more if he does anything at all.

sure some of these will shake out as wank or rumor, but throw enough
shit, or in this case celebrities, at the wall and some of it will

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